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What is MayDaySOS™?

It is an android app that allows you and your loved-ones the freedom to declare an emergency at any time and any place.

MayDaySOS™ is really easy to use!

Once installed, you simply create yourself a free account, and then add other MayDaySOS users to your hotlist. 


What happens once a MayDaySOS™ is declared?

All recipients in your hotlist are advised and receive an alert. The alert contains a map pinpoint as well as contact info of the declarer. The recipients can then respond to the declarer immediately.

From the “Alerts” page you can :

  • Chat to the declarer using the built-in chat facility,
  • Navigate to the declarer using you devices GPS,
  • Delete the alert and
  • Make a call to the declarer.


What about my privacy with MayDaySOS™ ?

MayDaySOS takes your privacy and security very seriously. Hence we only allow you to control who is in your hotlist. We also have a “Blocklist” which prevents people from spamming or stalking you.

What if I want to notify someone who does not have MayDaySOS™ ?

Version 1.8+ of the app has the ability to add a well-formed cell number into the hotlist. e.g.: +27123456789 (MUST start with a ‘+’). MayDaySOS will then send an SMS to this number.

BUT be advised, you will need SMS credit on your device!

This means those that aren’t so tech savvy or have another operating system can still be notified.

Who is MayDaySOS™ for?

Anyone. Help is just a push of a button away. This app can be used anywhere. Not just from your home. If you want to call for help when you have a mechanical breakdown, a medical emergency or you want the peace of mind that someone is watching over you; then get this app!

You can add any other MayDaySOS™ user to you hotlist, your local bobby, family member, your mechanic, your neighbourhood watch, community group or even your mother-in-law!

Where do I find MayDaySOS™?

The basic version is available for free on Google’s Play Store. Just search for MayDaySOS.


How do I declare an emergency with MayDaySOS™?

Press and hold down one of the four emergency buttons and all the users in your hotlist will be notified. The “Emergency”, “Medical” and “Fire” buttons will sound an alarm; whilst the “Breakdown” will send a standard notification.

What else can MayDaySOS™ do?

You can activate your “Follow Me” button. This allows all those who are in your hotlist to follow you and see where you are.*

Great for travelling, hiking, or in cases of emergency.

But remember, only you decide who is in your hotlist and who and when they may follow you!


Are you in search of a Hospital or Police Station?

The “Near Me” button instantly shows you your nearest hospitals and police stations.

You can then navigate to, or call them using the app.


Get Started NOW

Now Go Ahead! Get the free app from the Play Store.

You can see our terms and conditions here


*Premium Version

For those of you who want a bit more from our premium version, here are the extras you get when you buy the premium edition:

  • Up to 100 hotlist members
  • The ability to send community broadcasts. (Only 1 an  hour though)

Installation and Setup:

  1. Install the app from the Google Playstore.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Create an account by scrolling down to “Create Account”. You must supply a unique email address and password.
  4. Add your cellphone number next.
  5. Then add people to your hotlist. You must add the email addresses of know MayDaySOS users or a well formed cellphone number that must start with a ‘+’ sign.

How to declare an emergency:

  1. Click and hold one of the four: Emergency, Medical, Fire or Breakdown buttons.
  2. Mayday will do the rest automatically.
  3. FYI, your “Follow Me” and mute buttons will be activated as well. This means your responders can see where you are and the mute means that if, in some unlikely scenario where someone else declares an emergency, your handheld device will not sound the audible alarm.

About Me

Thirty five years ago, as the desk-top market started to emerge, I got involved in computers. It started with the old BBC computer and then moved on to the Commodore 64.

I rapidly moved from BASIC to C to C++ and so on…eventually ending up at the modern languages and frameworks such as C#, PHP, JQUERY, SQL and Javascript.

At the same time I became an airline pilot. Eventually captaining the regal Boeing 747-400.

The two disciplines complimented each other and I was lucky enough to gain a vast array of knowledge in both fields.

Now, I have retired from flying and am concentrating purely on web design, software writing, IOT automation and photography, which has been a passion since 1980.


My Skills Are Many:

When it comes to web design, I can offer the entire package.

From the photography, through to the graphic design and coding. I can do it all!

Not to mention Wordpress, HTML, CSS, C#, .NET, BOOTSTRAP, Javascript, JQuery,
AJAX, PHP, ASP, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, WCF, WPF, Xamarin, Android Studio, AVR C, Photography and, of course, Adobe Photoshop.


I Can:

  • Design your website
  • Write code for your website
  • Develop apps or software
  • Help you with web hosting
  • Install an eCommerce solution
  • Help with payment gateways
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Artwork for you website
  • Photography
  • We are Photoshop guru’s




  • Three Tree Hill Lodge

    "Paul created a mind-blowing new website for our lodge in the Drakensberg. He also took the photographs, which are quite stunning. He has an artistic eye, great sense of humour and is an absolute pleasure to work with!"

    Cheryl Blackburn
    Three Tree Hill Lodge
  • Leonette and Mario Wedding

    Dear Paul

    We hereby want to thank you for an amazing job you did at our wedding. The photo's are so beautiful. We felt so at ease while you were taking the photo's; a good sign of professionalism. We will definitely recommend you to anyone. Thanks once again...

    Leonette & Mario
    Morgenzon Wedding Venue
    29 April 2017
  • "Paul did incredible work in helping creating my wonderful website. I always wanted to have a website like this, but didn't think it will ever be possible! Paul made it possible! I can only high recommend him creating your website and other web orientated coding" 

    Ben ter Huurne

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me at any time. Either by email, cellphone or by using the form below. And I shall endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible!


Cell Number: 076 0850 990
Address:Plot 23, Westlands, Port Elizabeth, 6001